Healthcare for victims of war in the Southern Cameroons
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We offer a wide spectrum of quality medical services and treatment for a variety of age groups.
We put at your service, our Professional staff and equipment to implement newest medical technologies.

Medical Coverage
Close to You
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We are bringing medical services closer to those who truly need it.

Contact the SCMS to be connected to a Southern Cameroonian Medical Practitioner close to you.

Treatment for War Victims of the Southern Cameroons
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- Medical Counseling
- General Clinic
- Malaria Treatment
- Leprosy Treatment
- HIV/AIDS Clinic
- Diagnosis Clinic

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Our Service Qualities

Emergency Health

Helping people from Southern Cameroon affected by war to get emergency help from doctors in diaspora areas.


With the help of technology we can provide remote medical assistance and healthcare. By using a computer, smartphone or tablet our doctors are able to treat you whenever and wherever

Health Crises

We aim to provide a top quality service to the people of Southern Cameroon that have been through difficult times and severe pain. All services for internally displaced people and refugees are humanitarian services.


We will be publishing ideas of our doctors here.


When getting treatment from our organization, you and your family can rest assured knowing that our doctors are incredibly well educated and trained in their professions.


Read our latest publications online.

Our Practice Areas



Diagnoses, Pediatric Treatment


Diagnoses, Treatment


Diagnoses, Treatment

Hunger & Starvation

Diagnoses, Treatment

Latest News

Meet Our Team of Experts

Dr. Tonga M., MD

Founding Member

Dr. Faustia Ditah, MD

Founding Member

Dr. Edwin Shadzeka, MD

Founding Member

Dr. Tabe Julious

Founding Member

Dr. Raymond Asongwe, MD

Founding Member


“The SCMS is a beautiful initiative that should be imitated by all Southern Cameroonian professionals. We should be proud to be correctly identified as Southern Cameroonians. Professionals can form more homogenous groups, which should refocus their energies towards formulating and developing strategies and programs to provide immediate and future solutions to Southern Cameroons”.


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