An independent, non-partisan, non-sectarian, non-profit and non-governmental organization dedicated to research, training, policy development, health and humanitarian interventions, technology transfer, and support of vulnerable population (children, women, elderly and ill persons) for quality self-reliant life in the former British Trust Territory of Southern Cameroons, is hereby created and called SOUTHERN CAMEROONS MEDICAL SOCIETY.

The Southern Cameroons Medical Society shall be a corporation established for charitable, advocacy, educational, and scientific purposes; and its vision shall be a nation of Health, Peace and Human Development.

In pursuit of its goal the objectives of the Society shall be:

A. To foster personal and professional growth of its members through camaraderie and unselfish exchange of ideas.

B. To promote altruism, professionalism and scholarship among its members, in the treatment of all human diseases.

C. To identify and stimulate interest in all matters affecting the health of Southern Cameroonians where ever they live; and provide the forum for debating evolving health issues.

D. To seek collaborative research opportunities in the international medical community and contribute to improved health care in Southern Cameroons and worldwide

E. To encourage the development of practical solutions to healthcare problems through strategic initiatives, policy development, training and field activities inside or outside Southern Cameroons.

F. Carry out advocacy with other groups, organizations or authorities to foster peace, personal wellbeing and prosperity of Southern Cameroonians particularly the vulnerable populations on the territory.

G. Carry out charitable humanitarian activities that seek to protect, promote and restore healthy life conditions in Southern Cameroons.

H. Fundraise internally and externally, acquire property (movable and immovable) that shall be necessary to meet its objectives.